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  • Hubble Space Telescope spots evidence of a liquid jetting out of Jupiter's icy moon Europa The Hubble Space Telescope has caught sight of something amazing on Jupiter's icy moon Europa according to NASA.Scientists using the Hubble have discovered more evidence that plumes of water spurt out of t

  • Autonomous Vehicles are coming to more roads quicker than even the US government had anticipated."We figured we were looking at a 10- or 15-year arc," said David Strickland, then the administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speaking of the 2013 document.Transportation officials have re

  • there are 180,000 voting districts in America There is no central U.S. voter database. Systems for voter registration, signing-in, voting and tallying the vote vary, sometimes widely, from state to state, county to county and from district to district (there are 180,000 voting districts).Even at a sta